The Triangle.

The triangle is the mantra of Vanderbilt ATWB, consisting of three sides which represent our three core principles: education, service and reflection. Alone, these principles are powerful, but together they can change the world. 


We highly value education as a way to prepare for our trips. By learning about the issues and populations that you will be working with before departing on your trip, the service you do will be much more meaningful. We hold weekly Site Leader and pre-AWB site meetings to prepare our Site Leaders for their individual sites and to educate all of our AWB participants on the issues and populations they will be working with over break. 


We are first and foremost a service organization. We are dedicated to doing service locally, nationally, and internationally.


We place a lot of importance on reflection, both personal reflection and reflection about the service we do. After each day of service, Site Leaders will engage their group in a group discussion and reflection activity that will focus on the service done during the day. You will also get the opportunity to share your life map, allowing you to reflect personally and share your life with the rest of the group. 

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